It has been over a year since I have blogged on this websit. While looking over my last blog I have to see how much has changed through the year and everything that I have been gone through. I have grown in the past month more than I had ever thought was possible. One thing has not changed k well two from that post and from today. I am still stressed to the max but I happen to still love that ex boyfriend with all my heart and no matter what he has and will put me through, and hes put me through a lot, I always will and I believe that that is the definition of true love and I still have high hopes. But I now have a better relationship with my friends and have allowed myself to open up to others and made new friends. there are times where all I want to do is give up but I know better and don’t I trek through everything that I go through on a daily basis. I am a better person because of all the things I have been through. I now have goals that I set for myself weekly to see that I get what I want or rather need.

that is all I can do for right now I will be sure to do this more often.

❤ MerC



Over this essay I decidded to try a new process in which I would do one paragraph each day so that each was developed and I was only focused on that one paragraph until I felt it was the best. Then I would read it outloud to myself and see where I needed to fix my grammiticall errors. I also inlisted the help of my roommate to read each paragraph and give me an pointers. I feel as though Iwas more successful this time than I was the last time. When I got stuck I would go away from my paper for a little went and cleaned or read until I got my head back where it needed to be and continued. I feel as though in the future I am able to become more successful in writting an academic paper as well as a paper in general in my new process

How I’ve Become Digital

This quarter I enjoyed being able to create this blog and allow myself to fimiliarize myself with becoming digital and how others view me when I am online.  I also loved learning how everything that I do online in someway reflects who I am. I do have to admit I have enjoyed doing this blog because in some ways it allowed for me to have a release. I have aways been curious how people become famous with their blogs and how certain topics get big while others can stay under the radar. I was also curious how in general you create an identity and over the course I found the steps to the way tht you do. From this course I wil take the ability to write a better academic paper and how to comprehend different types of reading. I have learned to balance the I say with the they say.

Essay number 2

I have to say that I feel as though I am being more thorough in this essay than I was in the last. I think it is because I am able to say what I think this time instead of connecting what they say. I am having a hard time elaborating on each of my topics and make them more detailed and thought out, but I feel as though when I do that I am only being redundant with what I have said before. But even though I feel like that I feel like I have a better road map for me to follow so that I know how I want to construct my essay but I also believe that once I get going I will be able to elaborate without feeling redundant over all I feel as though my paper is headed in the right direction for the way that I want to go.

How to do it…..

When I begin my writting for this next paper I am going to make sure that I have a claim and that I answer a question that will allow my to build a proper essay. I am going to make sure that my thesis is a proper thesis and that it is a claim that I can build upon to prove it with evidence and support. I will also make sure that my introduction will give a how I will prove this with just a overall broad points that I would delve into later. I will also make sure that there is a reson to the paper and that it is something that should be read for that reason. I will also need to supply evidence into this paper and I will do that by using quotes for Born Digital and whatever other articles that I choose to have support my claim. I will also need to make sure that I use the correct assumptions in the paper and make sure that they are correct because if they are not correct they can break a paper. I will also need to elaborate on what I am saying and make sure that all the points are clear and relevant to my claim. I will also need to make sure that my evidence that I use is clear and does not bring confusion to the paper. In the conclusion I need to tie up my argument and bring that closure that it needs to it so that the paper feels complete and the reader has gotten the full amount out of the paper.

Digital Nation

In the documentary Digital Nation they spoke of how ones identity is changed online and how one developes it as well. One man said that people on gaming internet where they make virtual people are more likely to connect to the other person rather than in e-mail or instant messaging. I would disagree with that for one can make themselves look to be like something they are not and then go after something entirely different and put others in danger. But I can also see how they can trust if they can see a persons avator because one always puts something in the avatar that classifies one as something and can determine if that one is trustworthy. They also say that the digital world is al around us and others are forever changing, like teenagers are using the internet to gain popularity because one person got it so it makes all teenagers feel as if they can gain that populariity as well. I feel as though that is true for some teenagers but not for all I am a teenager and I often only use the internet to keep in contact with my family and friend but there are the few that will do anything to become found on the internet and live the big dream. Another place that the internet has crept into is the work enviroment and how on man said that his company send “love messages” and how they are encouraging messages to keep up the work. I feel as though that is crossing the line because it is deleting all personal connections that can be created at work and making it a more impersonal world. This is becoming more digital and digital each day but there is a limit and everyone needs to realize what it is so that we do not become impersonal in offline events and be only online people.


In this article it is about how one logs in or signs up onto a website. How one must provide authenticity about who they are. One must sign up and then confirm by going to a different site to confirm that they are who they say they are all online. Then only after you confirm are you allowed to sign on to the site. This shows that it only allows you to be one person online and keep you maintained with who you are and what one is trying to do. This artcle shows that ones identity is the same online even if one tries to change it, even though we might not be the same as we are offline one is always the same online.


artilcle is at this website: