In this article it is about how one logs in or signs up onto a website. How one must provide authenticity about who they are. One must sign up and then confirm by going to a different site to confirm that they are who they say they are all online. Then only after you confirm are you allowed to sign on to the site. This shows that it only allows you to be one person online and keep you maintained with who you are and what one is trying to do. This artcle shows that ones identity is the same online even if one tries to change it, even though we might not be the same as we are offline one is always the same online.


artilcle is at this website:



One thought on “Identity?

  1. As a reader I am left with many questions because I’m not
    sure what article you referring to or what your blog post is trying to argue. This doesn’t read so much as a response paper but a description of a particular website. Remember that a response paper needs to provide some context to introduce the reader to the text and then responds to specific aspects.

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