Digital Nation

In the documentary Digital Nation they spoke of how ones identity is changed online and how one developes it as well. One man said that people on gaming internet where they make virtual people are more likely to connect to the other person rather than in e-mail or instant messaging. I would disagree with that for one can make themselves look to be like something they are not and then go after something entirely different and put others in danger. But I can also see how they can trust if they can see a persons avator because one always puts something in the avatar that classifies one as something and can determine if that one is trustworthy. They also say that the digital world is al around us and others are forever changing, like teenagers are using the internet to gain popularity because one person got it so it makes all teenagers feel as if they can gain that populariity as well. I feel as though that is true for some teenagers but not for all I am a teenager and I often only use the internet to keep in contact with my family and friend but there are the few that will do anything to become found on the internet and live the big dream. Another place that the internet has crept into is the work enviroment and how on man said that his company send “love messages” and how they are encouraging messages to keep up the work. I feel as though that is crossing the line because it is deleting all personal connections that can be created at work and making it a more impersonal world. This is becoming more digital and digital each day but there is a limit and everyone needs to realize what it is so that we do not become impersonal in offline events and be only online people.


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