Hi, I am Mariah Brown and I am a freshmen at a local university. I go to school full time as well as work full time and have a active social. Where does sleep fall into that equation? lol. I love to try new things especially something dangerous or adventourous. I come from a ok sized family where I am the oldest out of four, we are on the poor side of things and I have an amazing oppurtunity to be going to school right now. I work hard for what I want and in the end I usually get it, some people call that spoiled but I call it determination. I have big goals for my future and another 10 years of school. I have been told I could not do it and it is a mans world in my career but they are just gonna find out that they are wrong. I love to volunteer at the hospital and within my community and I can fit it into my schedule. I have recently moved out onto my own and are now facing difficulites that adults face. I love where I have been, where I am, and where I am going. So are you ready for the ride?


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